Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Feminine Intelligence is in Tune with Emotions

Feminine Intelligence
There are two distinct sides of personality,
1-      Persona, the side of personality we project to the world
2-      Shadow, the side of personality we hide from the world, sometimes even from our own selves
The shadow has a utilitarian function in the system.
Feminine energy has an acute assessment of risk thanks to her being in tune with her emotions, especially fear. She has very strong survival instincts. The person that has feminine shadow will have a highly defined sense of his/her boundaries. If a person intrudes past his/her boundaries, s/he cannot tolerate it.
“You assign a masculine quality to Aarush’s intelligence. But his intelligence is feminine in nature.”
“Feminine intelligence?” I ask, almost shocked. I had no idea that intelligence had genders. 
I tried to understand what she meant, but I was clueless. 
“Yes, he possesses feminine intelligence. You postulated that his intelligence is masculine because of his competence in Maths and Physics. Here again, he reaches the same destination as you, but he takes a different route. Where you see numbers, he sees patterns,” she answers.
“Did I make him like this?” I ask in disbelief.
“Social sciences have been making a grave mistake in overvaluing nurture over nature for a long time. The reason is humans don’t want to accept how little control they exert over their environment. Do you remember before Nicolaus Copernicus, physicists postulated that the Earth was the center of the universe? Behavioral sciences are still there in their understanding of the human mind. They spend all their energy in denying why we are what we are. We are not ready to accept that homosapiens, the most intelligent animal on this planet, is still an animal. An animal bound by the laws of natural world.” She looks at me.
This part of the conversation I am able to understand word by word.
“Did you decide the biological gender Aarush would be born with? Did you decide his facial features? Did you decide his IQ? Similarly, you did not select the shadow Aarush was born with,” she adds.
Again, I know she is right.
“The problem is not that you don’t know your child. The problem is that humans don’t know their children. Our society has made little progress in understanding the world of children and still it claims too much knowledge.”
I like it when people make sense. Things must always make sense. Things made perfect sense in my world till a few months back.

Excerpt- Chapter 6.5 Belly of the Whale- part-2
Book- #IAm16ICanRape
Samvedana tells Rudransh that Aarush’s intelligence is Feminine in nature

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