Saturday, 13 June 2015

Aarush Kashyap Profile- Deleted Parts-2

Chapter- 6.2 Belly of the Whale

“Aarush never reacts to what you say to him. He reacts only to his own inner thoughts and dialogues. But when you tell him something, his mental process works with such efficiency that in no time, he will gather and process information and come up with a response that he knows is expected from him by you. Therefore, he always seems flawless.” Samvedana is adding to my knowledge of Champ. Do I know him at all? 

Aarush Kashyap Profile- Deleted Parts- 1

The problem with Aarush is not that he looks at himself as a highly superior person, which he is. The problem is that Aarush considers other humans around him as inferior. If the scale is competency of the human mind, most people are below him, and that is a fact. Nature was never fair in creating people,” she says. Again, so far so good, but I have a strong negative gut feeling. 
“The problem is not where Aarush has reached; the problem is that Aarush thinks only he can reach there. He has yet to understand that it is not his potential alone. It is human potential to reach where he has reached. Most people will not reach there in reality, but strictly in terms of potential; that is the potential. It is like a one-day cricket match most of the batsman might not be able to score two hundred runs in a single inning, but the potential is there, right? Something like that" Samvedana says.