Monday, 13 July 2015

chapter- 9.2 Mrigank

But before I start, I will have to give you a very brief introduction to psychology. Our mind has three levels of consciousness. First is the conscious mind, where we are totally aware of what happens. Second is the preconscious mind, where we have information but we don’t register it moment by moment. For example, right now there is a background noise of an air-conditioner. Our mind registers it at the preconscious level, but we are not aware that it is registering it. Third is the unconscious mind, where we ourselves are not aware of what is there. Repressed memories, dreams, fantasies… everything makes up the unconscious level,” Meghana says.
“Okay, where do we reach this?” Bharati asks the question which I am sure circles in most of the heads who are watching this program.

chapter- 9.1- Meghana- Deleted parts

He has told me that slowness solidifies his opinion that people are incapable of making the best use of their time. He believes that if something can be done, it can be done fast 

Aarush can read Revati’s expressions. Revati might not be aware of the fact, because Aarush has not told her, but Aarush is a vivid reader. He has read Freud. 

Friday, 10 July 2015

Rishabh Kulshrestha's Introduction in #IAm16ICanRape

Rishabh Kulshrestha's introduction in ‪#‎IAm16ICanRape‬.
Ch 9- Women As a Temptress
Ch 9.5 Harry. (Harmeet Kaur is a tomboy who thinks of herself as Aarush's best friend)
I remember this one instance that took place around a month before Aarush’s arrest. I took my junior, Aarush’s batch-mate, Rishabh Kulshrestha out for dinner. In my mind, we had been dating for two months. Rishabh is this rugged hottie with unconventional looks who is known to be a complete bookworm. He belongs to that endangered, near extinct species of boys, that doesn’t stare at Priya’s legs. He is a sensation at RK-JEE because he scored the top rank in the ICSE board exam with a 98.57 percent score. I had been trying to trick him into sex since the past two months. Aarush had been helping me big time in my ‘mission.’
Finally, Rishabh and I went out alone on a special date or at least that is how I perceived the evening.
• I paid for his dinner. One might not believe it, but it is true. I, the maha kanjus Punju, paid for his dinner.
• I went to drop him to his rented place in my car.
• I asked him if I could come up for coffee.
• When I went to his apartment, I was all prepared. I had condoms in my purse.
• I complimented him on sexy lips and gave him all possible signals that he should initiate a kiss
Tell me a trick and I fucking tried it.
Result. Still zero! Rishabh told me he doesn’t believe in premarital sex.
What! Is he even a guy or a gay? I was sure he was impotent. Or he didn’t know how to do it? What was his problem? I was more than sure that he couldn’t perform and brought moral science into the picture to hide his own inadequacies.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Tabrez Sheikh

Do you love Subhangi?
Yes. I love her deeply. But first you need to understand who Subhangi is to understand the nature of my love for her.
It is not the traditional love that we feel in romantic relationships. It is the love that people feel with their kin. The love in which you feel if anyone shall harm your loved one, you could kill that person. That sort of love. I love Subhangi like that.

I am the older son of my parents. My father used to work as a peon in a railway office for half the day and rest of the day he would work at a construction site as a worker. I had no idea what he did for living till I was in class 10. I remember how, on a particular birthday, I harassed him for a particular brand of watch. He tried to make me understand that it was not possible for him to afford that watch, but I would not relent.
This is what my Abbu did to make me understand his point. He took me to work with him and he asked me to break the stones. I was like—what?
“Yes beta; this is what I do for a living. So why don’t you also do the same thing?” He told me.
The whole day I broke the stones. In the evening, I got 170 rupess, my first earnings. Now I calculated in my head… the watch I wanted cost 2700 rupees. For how many days would I have to work like this to earn that watch? Almost 16 days! I gave up the idea of the watch. Why do I tell you all these things? I tell this to say that my father is my hero.

I take a break from this social media campaign to make a cup of coffee for myself. But in my head the thoughts of Abbu and Roshni continue. Yes, I lied that Roshni is not her real name. It is her real name. I knew if I added that line, people would not try to sniff her out using any of my connections. 
I take a break from this social media campaign to make a cup of coffee for myself. But in my head the thoughts of Abbu and Roshni continue. Yes, I lied that Roshni is not her real name. It is her real name. I knew if I added that line, people would not try to sniff her out using any of my connections.
Abbu is going through a tough phase. Abbu’s kidneys are in bad shape. He has had his fistula operation last year. He goes for dialysis three times a week. Ammi calls me every alternate day and tells me about the pain Abbu has to go through. I can’t bear to hear all that. I love my Abbu very dearly. I feel torn day and night. This is the exact time I needed Roshni by my side—Roshni, my Roshni… but she didn’t have time for me any longer.
I have been in Bangalore for the past three years, out of which I have been engaged, at least as far as I am concerned, to Roshni for two years. I confess that when I first came to the city, I was all over the place and totally cool about casual relationships. But soon, I figured something out about myself. Just the way there are women who are totally wife material, there are men who are totally husband material, one woman’s man. I am one of them. I can find no happiness in a relation if I don’t know where it is going, and for my heart, Roshni is the only home. I love her as much as a person can love another person. But a few months before the breakup, she gave me the cold shoulder. She told me her family did not approve of our relationship because I am a Muslim.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Saurish Acharya

I am a graduate in sociology from Hindu college, Delhi. I did my Masters in Social Anthropology from Oxford University. I was a visiting professor at Harvard University before returning to India. I worked for a major news channel ‘Changing India’ for ten years before starting my own news channel. I gave my heart and soul to CI but ultimately had to leave it because of dirty politics. When I left that job, it was as if I had to start from scratch again. I worked like a dog for eight years to bring the ICNC channel to its current position. In the process, I grew apart from my family. One day, I woke up and discovered that my firstborn was a teenager.