Friday, 10 July 2015

Rishabh Kulshrestha's Introduction in #IAm16ICanRape

Rishabh Kulshrestha's introduction in ‪#‎IAm16ICanRape‬.
Ch 9- Women As a Temptress
Ch 9.5 Harry. (Harmeet Kaur is a tomboy who thinks of herself as Aarush's best friend)
I remember this one instance that took place around a month before Aarush’s arrest. I took my junior, Aarush’s batch-mate, Rishabh Kulshrestha out for dinner. In my mind, we had been dating for two months. Rishabh is this rugged hottie with unconventional looks who is known to be a complete bookworm. He belongs to that endangered, near extinct species of boys, that doesn’t stare at Priya’s legs. He is a sensation at RK-JEE because he scored the top rank in the ICSE board exam with a 98.57 percent score. I had been trying to trick him into sex since the past two months. Aarush had been helping me big time in my ‘mission.’
Finally, Rishabh and I went out alone on a special date or at least that is how I perceived the evening.
• I paid for his dinner. One might not believe it, but it is true. I, the maha kanjus Punju, paid for his dinner.
• I went to drop him to his rented place in my car.
• I asked him if I could come up for coffee.
• When I went to his apartment, I was all prepared. I had condoms in my purse.
• I complimented him on sexy lips and gave him all possible signals that he should initiate a kiss
Tell me a trick and I fucking tried it.
Result. Still zero! Rishabh told me he doesn’t believe in premarital sex.
What! Is he even a guy or a gay? I was sure he was impotent. Or he didn’t know how to do it? What was his problem? I was more than sure that he couldn’t perform and brought moral science into the picture to hide his own inadequacies.

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