Friday, 23 October 2015

3 OBJECTIVES BEHIND WRITING #IAm16ICanRape- War AGAINST rape culture in India

To me Nirbhaya is not a woman- out there- to me, she is ME- she is the women I care about.
I still remember while following the Delhi rape case, I read one day that the psychologist treating the juvenile said with pride, "He is improving in his behavior. He has learn how to make namak-para."
As a psychologist and a human my response was WHAT THE F#*K!
This man killed a human being and tortured her with brutality which animals also don't employ when they hunt a prey. And what an achievement of our society that he learnt how to make namakpara! Whoa! That is civilization!
It's this rage that has triggered my work IAm16 ICanRape.
I might be behaving too ambitious of me, but I really hope if enough voice is raised opinions change- SOCIETY CAN CHANGE.
I have exactly 3 objectives behind writing the book-
1- The Juvenile Justice System of India needs to be amended. If a person commits coercive rape (not statutory rape), the age DOESN'T have to be taken into account while giving him punishment. JJ court needs to waiver his custody to adult court so he can be tried at adult court.
2- There has to be more number of Rape Crisis Center in India with competent professionals, medical staff, psychologist, social workers, to handle and treat rape survivors.
3- Sex education needs to be made compulsory in schools and other academic places so that the youth doesn't get mislead in their understanding of what acceptable sexual behavior is. Today's youth hardly understands appropriate sexual behavior thanks to their exposure of extremely irresponsible media (films, internet and television)

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Save Him...Save Her

Have you met him in person? You got to see his eyes when he smiles genuinely. They twinkle. And he could make me laugh and how! He is not an evil force or a Satan. He is a regular kid from a regular home, matter of fact, exceptional in his abilities. He was not born to fulfill this destiny. He chose this destiny. I have thought at length why he did that. He did this because I as his father failed him. His parens patriae failed him. I can’t sleep with this burden on my head. I don’t know how the state manages to stay hibernated. I know I could not save her from him. But I also know I could not save him from himself.

Lisa Ginova, Neuro-linguistic programming and #IAm16ICanRape- War AGAINST growing rape culture in India.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) says that as an evolving member of Homosapiens specie one should not reinvent the wheel all the time. One needs to figure out what someone who tried to do what one is trying to do did and then simply,
I plan to imitate Lisa Ginova, the author of Still Alice.

These are my reasons for this cyber stalking :)
  1. She comes from the background of neurosciences. She is not a typical author with graduation and post graduation in English literature but just like me, she is a woman who studied science and is passionate about writing. I am a clinical psychologist, who feels strongly against gender discrimination. 
  2. She started writing her debut novel because she felt strongly for a subject. She believed in the book even when people said that, “It is too depressing to read. Who wants to talk about Alzheimer’s disease?” I believe in my book #IAm16ICanRape- War AGAINST rape culture in India. It’s not fair to the women of my country where a woman is raped every 20 minutes that the state is completely oblivious to the status of growing sexual crimes. The lives of so many women/men can be saved only if the state starts paying attention.
  3.  She wrote the book Still Alice, stood by her book, did everything in her power to make it reachable to people. I too feel the same way about my book. It’s a book that needs to be read- NOT BECAUSE I HAVE WRITTEN IT- but because it affects the lives of many people. It is about a topic that is a taboo in my society and that denial is not doing any good to anyone. In order to change anything, the first and foremost step a society needs to take is to acknowledge the existence of certain things.

Indian government has been neglecting the elephant in the room.
But I want to stand up and shout from the rooftop even if I sound indecent that today in India any teenager who thinks-

#IAm16ICanRape is not dissuaded by its government to think otherwise. 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Rape? Who cares about rape?

Finally, a person comes who is supposedly to help me cope with psychological trauma of rape. The moment she opens her mouth, I know she doesn’t know a shit about rape. I feel sorry for myself that I live in a country where a woman is raped every 20 minutes and yet we don’t have any facilities to cope with what happens to these women. If a statistics will come that a citizen gets caught with a certain kind of physical disease, say a certain kind of cancer every 20 minutes, will we not build facilities in every health centre with most competent people serving in this facilities. But rape? Who cares about rape?

5 Months- Opinion Counts

They say that for authors books are like their children. I also know the gender of my book IAm16 ICanRape- a novel that raises opinion AGAINST rape culture in India. It's a daughter- it's a SHE.
My book went viral on 20th May, 2015. And in five short months, it has gathered enormous support from readers from all age groups, geographical regions and diverse backgrounds. I feel overjoyed that as an author I could give voice to the collective OPINION of men and women of my country (and my times, as readers outside India have also reacted very positively to the book).

Feminine Intelligence- Yin

Albert Einstein said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
Intuitive Mind is the Feminine- Yin- Intelligence: Rational Mind is the Masculine- Yang- Intelligence.
In nature, they always works in harmony, creating pure bliss. Human society should have imitated nature. What we are doing in name of civilization is butchering of natural laws.
“You assign masculine quality to Aarush’s intelligence. But his intelligence is feminine in nature.” Samvedana says.
“Feminine intelligence?” I ask almost shocked. I had no idea intelligence have genders.
I try to understand what she mean, but I am clueless.
“Yes, he possesses feminine intelligence. You assumed that his intelligent is masculine because of his competence in maths and Physics. Here again, he reaches the same destination where you reach but he takes a different route. Where you see numbers, he sees patterns.”
Excerpt from IAm16 ICanRape

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Trance of Writing

Trance of Writing

It's my birthday today, and if I have to think about my achievements of last year, IAm16 ICanRape- novel is definitely the high point of the things I did. I was researching for this novel for past 2 years. To be precise, I started working on it on 14th September 2013.
And from the novel, the following lines are my absolute favorite. How did I wrote them?
I didn't write them. I transcribed them. It's almost like meditation. It's trance.
I thank the soul of universe to whisper it in my ears. Intuition is the most delightful moment of creative journey.

Mani Khanna, one of the brilliant blogger's, feedback on my book IAm16 ICanRape

Mani Khanna, one of the brilliant blogger's, feedback on my book IAm16 ICanRape. I feel blessed to have found the readers who relate to this novel.

Saturday, 17 October 2015


There are many parents who get scared when a daughter is born to them. It is because they fear for the safety of the girl. Let me tell you something from my personal experience. It is no better when your son rapes a woman than when your daughter gets raped. It is equally painful, may be more.
~ Rudransh Kashyap. 
Excerpt from IAm16 ICanRape

Friday, 16 October 2015


I don’t consider myself above laws, I consider myself above principles. The problem with human society is that a bunch of stupidiotic social scientists get together, figure out some stupidiotic principles and start to call them LAWS. Ridiculous! As a matter of fact, it is beyond their intellectual capability to find out actual laws of nature. And yet, they push these PRINCIPLES down our throats calling them laws- LAW AND ORDER. My ass!

Aarush Kashyap

Excerpt from #IAm16ICanRape

Thursday, 15 October 2015


We are not ready to accept that rape is perceived differently in mind of a boy and a girl. In heat of our war of sexes, we want to call a rape- rape. But nature doesn’t understand politics, right?
Man thinks when he commits rape that he commits a sexual crime. Woman thinks when a man commits rape that he commits a crime of aggression. And both, I repeat, both are right in their beliefs. It is just that they see just one side of the coin. Rape is a sexual and aggression crime. Rape is a crime where sex is used as a weapon. You can’t take out the WEAPON part from rape, but at the same time, you cannot take out the SEX part from rape.
If we want man-woman to come to the same page on issue of rape, we need to teach the MAN, and not to the WOMAN, what rape is. He is the one whose definition needs amendment.

I stopped calling it a “book” and coined the name “volcano"

I stopped calling it a “book” and coined the name “volcano"
Thank you Srabanti Bhattacharyya for being such a sensitive reader and for letting me create a fictional world in the space of your mind.
One review of this nature is enough for a lifetime for an author. It's a moment when I don't want to say much, just want to BE.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Drosera Plant.

I am sure that this time they will amend juvenile laws. They can’t let these bastards walk with negligible punishment time and again. And this guy, he is a sociopath. I am not kidding. He is dangerous. I often think, if he is like this when he is barely 16, what he will become when he grows up. The thought gives me creeps. I have read in a book that statistically the earlier a criminal starts his delinquent career, the higher he goes in his career- like in any other profession. That implies that this whole juvenile umbrella is a stupid circus. The boys that get in shit early create much more shit later. I don’t understand a need of letting them walk almost scot free.
Excerpt from IAm16 ICanRape, a psychological thriller that questions Juvenile Justice System of India and raises opinion AGAINST growing rape culture.

Sunday, 11 October 2015


The way crime and punishment is dealt in this county is intolerable. In the developed countries where they have much efficient law enforcement agencies; they don’t give this kind of umbrella to such a large population. Juvenile justice system waivers a minor to the adult court when it is clear that the crime is committed with an adult competence level.
Waiver means transferring legal jurisdiction over the most serious and experienced juvenile offenders to the adult court for criminal procedure.
But historically, India is a country that lives in a state of denial, be it about its sociological system or political system, or judicial system.
I can’t change every aspect of madness. I am not into law and law-making. I just know one thing that there are crimes which are too big to be seen from point of view of age. Some of the crimes are so big that they can’t even be overlooked with the clause of mental illness. A society needs to know when to forgive but it also needs to know when to punish.
~ Rudransh Kashyap.
Chapter- 7.1 Road to Trials

Give Away on of the book #IAm16ICanRape- War AGAINST the growing rape culture in India- a Novel.

Dasserah Give Away

In Indian mythology Dasserah is a festival when evil was slain by the follower of Dharma. In the spirit of the victory of good over evil, I announce the Give Away of my book IAm16 ICanRape on
The Give Away has started from 10th October, 2015 and it will run till 10th November, 2015.
Everyone who is interested kindly request for the book on
There is a Sanskrit sloka,
Yatra Naryantu pujehi, ramante tatra devtaha
Which means a place where women are worshiped, gods dance there in joy.
Let us hope that someday in India, a prosperity of that nature will again come.

Saturday, 10 October 2015


I hate to admit that I live in a country in which Government is so PROGRESSIVE with their ‪#‎SelfieWithDaughter‬ initiatives that they downsized the budget for Rape Crisis Center in a country where a woman is raped every 20 minutes.
And people are so CIVILIZED that they don't like to use the word RAPE in their dinning tables in front of the parents or the children. But say safely blind to the fact that every single day a woman they care about steps out of her house, there is no guarantee that she will return home because women are raped- DAY AND NIGHT, in PUBLIC PLACES AND IN PRIVATE PLACES, EVERYWHERE!
If there is one noun I want to use for Indians- government and people- it is-
DHRITRASTRA- the blind king from the epic poem The Mahabharata who choose to stay BLIND to the vile of his son and let the Draupadi get disrobed.

Aesthetic Ugliness of the Title of my book #IAm16ICanRape


I have often been questioned, sometimes in very rude words why I choose this particular title for my book. One day a person on FB dropped me a message asking, "How vulgar are you as a person to name your book like this?"
During first few days of the release of the my book, I used to defend the title and get in arguments. Now, I don't react.
The very simple reason why I choose this title for the book is because I believe everything in the life DOESN'T have to be aesthetic. I know that the title feels abusive, almost like a SLAP. It elicits uncomfortable emotion in a person who reads the title. But that is the point!
When six people rape a woman on a moving bus in the capital of a country for 40 minutes and then throw her on the road in a winter night buck naked, and yet one of the culprit gets almost negligible punishment from the state for his crimes- there is nothing aesthetic about this situation.
One major defense mechanism, DENIAL, is employed by Indian society when we try and find aesthetics in everything.
There is a joke I have used in the book in Pihu’s point of view in the book‪#‎IAm16ICanRape‬.
“When he will rape me, my bangles will break. But I don’t wear bangles. Okay, my watch will break.”
Why the poor girl has this misconception about rape is because in Indian movies rape has been either garb with “Bangle breaking aesthetics” or portrayed in most titillating ways almost as if the film makers were provoking the viewers.
There are very few Indian movies that come in my mind in which rape is NOT portrayed in titillating manner.
In the movie Aakrosh (1980) the protagonist shouts his lungs out outside the cottage in which his wife is being raped- and that conveyed the brutality of the rape. The wails of this woman and the howls of this man was enough to project the gruesome nature of this violent crime. But these movies are very few.
The “unaesthetic” fact of Indian society and its legal system is that when we take out garb of political correctness aside, no one stops a 16 years old from thinking-
“If I have to commit a crime, let me commit it NOW. If I commit it after I turn 18 I will have to face much severe consequences.”
One thing that I plan to do with the title of my book is that I plan to add a tag line in future editions. This was the suggestion made to me first by my brilliant cover designer Manoj Vijayan. Later suggested again by Jayapriya Vasudevan andRitesh Kala.
I respect them for their suggestion and the goodwill they have for the book.
I plan to incorporate a tagline not because I have lost trust in the intelligence of my readers to understand the sarcasm of the title, but now the book is going to be launched in overseas market.
Many people outside India are not aware of the law the book addresses.
They cringe away from the title not because of their excessive love for aesthetics but, because they are not in context.
I plan to add the tagline
War against Rape Culture in India.
But I will never change the title BECAUSE it elicits negative emotions in the reader.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Do Indians Understand their children?

In India, parenting is a rarely practiced Art.
Indians don't raise their children to the best of their abilities, they condition their children to believe that they have raised them to the best of their abilities.
IAm16 ICanRape, a psychological thriller that asks the question:
Do we put enough effort to understand our children?

Tuesday, 6 October 2015


I did 2 years of research to understand the nature of sexual crimes before writing the novel IAm16 ICanRape, a psychological thriller that questions the juvenile justice system of India and raises opinion AGAINST growing rape culture.

In course of the research, I started realizing that very few people understand the nature, history and complexity of the crime- RAPE.

Especially in India, rape is either projected in unrealistic manner in media and films or it is not talked about at all. Children won't use the word rape in front of parents out of respect!

I wanted to change this mindset. For anything to change, that ANYTHING first needs to be understood in it's nature.

Therefore I wanted to include psychoanalysis of rape, which is almost like non-fiction part of the book, in fiction IAm16 ICanRape.

In the first draft, the chapter 6.2 part 2 was right there in the middle of the book. Thanks to my brilliant editor Pat Smith who insisted that I don't put it in the middle section else many people who have picked the book with expectation of reading fiction, will put it down. That was a wonderful advice.

But even after putting the section at the back of the book, I still was in double mind.
1- The MINI Me said, the section is 35 pages long and it makes the book thicker. Indians don't read thick books. Thick commercial. End of the day you are a writer, you got to make money writing. Think business!
Moreover, people don't want to know what rape is. You already have written a good enough book to serve the bigger purpose of bringing an important topic right in the dinning room of Indians. Now think about your own self.
2- The BIG Me said, forget about the commercial aspects of the book, I agree that this section is long and tedious to read, but trust me, many people in India with their growing lack of awareness about mental health don't understand this crime. Why did you write the book at the first place?
You wrote because your heart bleed for something.
Only because now the book has turned out fine, don't change your purpose.

The pages are still there, so I guess BIG me won!
When Srabanti Bhattacharyya gave me this feedback, I felt good.
The Big Me felt validated.
Thanks Srabanti Bhattacharyya.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

#iAm16iCan: Advance Review Copy

What prolific authors and bloggers of India have to say about #IAm16ICanRape: The War AGAINST Rape Culture. 
Reviews of Readers
In Media:
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