Friday, 23 October 2015

3 OBJECTIVES BEHIND WRITING #IAm16ICanRape- War AGAINST rape culture in India

To me Nirbhaya is not a woman- out there- to me, she is ME- she is the women I care about.
I still remember while following the Delhi rape case, I read one day that the psychologist treating the juvenile said with pride, "He is improving in his behavior. He has learn how to make namak-para."
As a psychologist and a human my response was WHAT THE F#*K!
This man killed a human being and tortured her with brutality which animals also don't employ when they hunt a prey. And what an achievement of our society that he learnt how to make namakpara! Whoa! That is civilization!
It's this rage that has triggered my work IAm16 ICanRape.
I might be behaving too ambitious of me, but I really hope if enough voice is raised opinions change- SOCIETY CAN CHANGE.
I have exactly 3 objectives behind writing the book-
1- The Juvenile Justice System of India needs to be amended. If a person commits coercive rape (not statutory rape), the age DOESN'T have to be taken into account while giving him punishment. JJ court needs to waiver his custody to adult court so he can be tried at adult court.
2- There has to be more number of Rape Crisis Center in India with competent professionals, medical staff, psychologist, social workers, to handle and treat rape survivors.
3- Sex education needs to be made compulsory in schools and other academic places so that the youth doesn't get mislead in their understanding of what acceptable sexual behavior is. Today's youth hardly understands appropriate sexual behavior thanks to their exposure of extremely irresponsible media (films, internet and television)


  1. Very true Kirtida
    You are the Voice of lacs of women
    No not just women but lacs of men too
    Men whose gender was victimized due to some transgender, no being a transgender should be a pride but a class which belong to neither of these three classification, I must say