Tuesday, 6 October 2015


I did 2 years of research to understand the nature of sexual crimes before writing the novel IAm16 ICanRape, a psychological thriller that questions the juvenile justice system of India and raises opinion AGAINST growing rape culture.

In course of the research, I started realizing that very few people understand the nature, history and complexity of the crime- RAPE.

Especially in India, rape is either projected in unrealistic manner in media and films or it is not talked about at all. Children won't use the word rape in front of parents out of respect!

I wanted to change this mindset. For anything to change, that ANYTHING first needs to be understood in it's nature.

Therefore I wanted to include psychoanalysis of rape, which is almost like non-fiction part of the book, in fiction IAm16 ICanRape.

In the first draft, the chapter 6.2 part 2 was right there in the middle of the book. Thanks to my brilliant editor Pat Smith who insisted that I don't put it in the middle section else many people who have picked the book with expectation of reading fiction, will put it down. That was a wonderful advice.

But even after putting the section at the back of the book, I still was in double mind.
1- The MINI Me said, the section is 35 pages long and it makes the book thicker. Indians don't read thick books. Thick commercial. End of the day you are a writer, you got to make money writing. Think business!
Moreover, people don't want to know what rape is. You already have written a good enough book to serve the bigger purpose of bringing an important topic right in the dinning room of Indians. Now think about your own self.
2- The BIG Me said, forget about the commercial aspects of the book, I agree that this section is long and tedious to read, but trust me, many people in India with their growing lack of awareness about mental health don't understand this crime. Why did you write the book at the first place?
You wrote because your heart bleed for something.
Only because now the book has turned out fine, don't change your purpose.

The pages are still there, so I guess BIG me won!
When Srabanti Bhattacharyya gave me this feedback, I felt good.
The Big Me felt validated.
Thanks Srabanti Bhattacharyya.

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