Sunday, 11 October 2015

Give Away on of the book #IAm16ICanRape- War AGAINST the growing rape culture in India- a Novel.

Dasserah Give Away

In Indian mythology Dasserah is a festival when evil was slain by the follower of Dharma. In the spirit of the victory of good over evil, I announce the Give Away of my book IAm16 ICanRape on
The Give Away has started from 10th October, 2015 and it will run till 10th November, 2015.
Everyone who is interested kindly request for the book on
There is a Sanskrit sloka,
Yatra Naryantu pujehi, ramante tatra devtaha
Which means a place where women are worshiped, gods dance there in joy.
Let us hope that someday in India, a prosperity of that nature will again come.

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