Wednesday, 16 March 2016

5 Proactive Actions AGAINST growing rape culture in India

No Indian wants to hear that s/he comes from a land of 100 rapes a day! 

NOW is the time to take a stand for a better India, a better World. 


SAFETY is a basic human right. According to Article 3 of United Nations- Universal Declaration of human rightsEveryone has the right to life, liberty and security of person- Why the women in India have been deprived of this right?

There are 5 proactive actions INDIAN GOVERNMENT needs to take for ensuring the safety of half of the population of  the biggest democracy of this world- INDIA.

1- Rape Crisis Centers: Rape Crisis Centers that provide quick, efficient and much needed medical and psychological support to rape survivors

2- Amendment of Juvenile Justice Law- The custody of juvenile sex offenders has to be waiver by Juvenile Justice System to adult court so a juvenile sex offender can be tried as an adult. Age of the offender should NOT be taken into account while deciding punishment for sex crimes. 

3- Teen Sex Education- India can't leave the sex education of its youth in the hands of television and film media wagon which sings and dances to the tunes,
"Main toh tandoori murgi hun yaar, gataka le saiya alcohol se."
These are the lines of a famous Hindi movie song which broadly means, "Women are like Tandoori chicken which men can devour with pleasure with alcohol."

4- Raising Boys- The root of misogyny and patriarchy is deeply engraved in every Indian household where the MOTHER teaches her SON how he is SUPERIOR to his SISTER. The culture of misogyny starts at home. Teach the boys- DON'T RAPE not the girls DON'T GET RAPED

5- Mental Health Awareness- No child is born in this world to become a RAPIST. He takes a long route on his journey to become a rapist. A society that fails to pay attention to children faces a youth that CAN'T BE CONTROLLED.

Kirtida Gautam is a clinical psychologist and author. Follow her on Twitter @KirtidaGautam